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It suppose to be my best day ever, it turned out to be my worst day ever dropping $340,000. my best day was plus over 450,000 and now I had won over 100K in one day 29 times over the last 18 months and losing more than 100K only 5 times. I hope this little break was long enough to lick my wounds and get back in the saddle.
15* Patriots -9.5
15* over 44.5
15* teaser Patriots -2.5 over 37.5
Sunday and Monday
50* over 44 Steelers
50* Steelers -3 -120
50*Bills -5.5
50*Cowboys -6
4 team special teaser with those four teams.
25*Colts -3 -120
25*Seahawks -6.5 -115
Amazingly I am playing all chalk,more to come.
I bet Syracuse for 100* winner next is 100*Michigan St -16
My best friend was diagnosed with ALS FUCKING CRAZY!!! He is only 43 years young,anyone here knows anything about it??? Like treatment ?? Please let me know
Unfortunately a buddy of mine who is 41 also has a shitty disease. The treatment really comes down to what they can do to prolong the quality of life since there's no cure. The best thing I can recommend is it just you and your friends give him a ton of support. Thoughts and prayers for him I've seen my buddy go from playing golf to wheelchair-bound in four months. Best advice I can give you is just to make sure that you guys support him and don't treat him any different. We still blow my buddy a ton of shit about how bad he used to be at golf and I think he appreciates it.
Thanks Dayton34,
Great 2-0 for me yesterday and + nice coin!!!
25*Seahawks -7 +100 2 half,they really struggling but I can't pass this line.
25* special teaser Chargers +7 Steelers +7 Cowboys +5.5 Over 34 Steelers
I can say that this was great weekend betting wise!!!
Saturday +200K
Sunday + 42K
Monday 250K not bad!!492K over 3 days,losing streak?? What losing streak. I would donate all this and then some only if my friend could be healthy.
100* next Sunday Patriots over 49.5 Bank it!!!
50* special teaser Over Patriots 39.5 Over Saints 44.5 over Boys 39.5 Boys + half point
So far so good! Both parts of the huge teaser are in now we need the Saints Sunday.
25*Royals +120 this is huge game game 3. Teams that won game 3 in World Series are 19-3 last 22 Championships!!!
25* Oregon under 89.5 Kansas St. PK Mississippi St -4
Royals scored and Oregon forgot about defense so broke even for the day. Love this card today and hoping for the same as last Saturday !!
100*Ohio St - 13.5
100* UMass +17.5 againts everyone
50* Ohio St -3.5 Kansas St +0.5 Memphis -11.5
25*Michigan St -17
25*Minnesota -3.5 againts everyone
25*Mississipppi St -14 -120 good luck if you play
No better feeling than this!! Plus 600K in one week with great bets pending,like I said before I will slow down after this week end. UMass was easy winner.
50* Mississippi -3
50* Mississippi +7 Nevada +7.5 Colts +7 Bank it !!
Good luck if you play
Let's do little hedge fund in the second half here.
5* Ravens -3
5*Seahawks -5.5 -115
Teaser with Bengals and Panthers looks sweet.
100*bet on over Patriots looks better lmaoooo!!! I will hedge little there as well.I hope you all bet the Lions in the 2 H
100* easy winner with 13 minutes left in the 3rd q not bad!!!
I have 50* going with Colts +7 last part of the teaser and 50* going with Saints +9 last part of the teaser.
25* Steelers +14.5 Packers +12.5 Eagles +11.5 looks good to me!
Let's finish strong,good luck if you play
Big bets left after another winning Sunday 50* Boys +0.5 over 39.5 last two from special teaser will pay 100K lets do this!!!
25* Skins +20 last from teaser I love it.
Saints destroyed Packers. Two of the most dominant teams in the NFL gave up 95 points.NFL stands for not for long.
I love this league the most.
25* more Royals to win World Series.Bank it!
Quitting when you ahead is not quitting at all, THATS WINNING. I am not quitting just reducing my bets.I had the most successful 8 days in betting money wise starting last Saturday and hoping for one more huge day today.All the money I won over the last 19 months it's mostly on my big bets,everything else is just above water. I am blessed!!! 100* bets hit over 83% that's pretty crazy,so now if you see 25* play that would be as high as I will go from now on,at least for now.
Good luck

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