Huge Bet

Never pat myself on the back for winning huge with Spurs!!! That was plus well into six figures day. I lost my count but at least 20 days like that in 15 months posted here!!!
Germany is next!!!bank it!!!
Last one was silly but this thread is up 1 million bucks and 100* games are still perfect?Two more this Sunday.
I am not waiting!!!
100*Bengals -6.5
100*Seahawks -3 buy half. bank it baby !!! 2-0
Last week end was great.Few minutes away from huge payout as Auburn gave up la TD.NFL stayed perfect on 100* games.
Betting huge this week end again and when I bet big money I win on 90% clip!I know it sounds crazy and Unbelieveble but it was posted here over the years on The Duece!!!
50*49ERS -5
50*Packers -1
50*Chargers -13
50*Teaser +5,+9,-3
25*Giants +4
25*Saints -3
3* parlay all 5 teams.
Giants was nice and easy plus over hit.I am posting my college football here because I am winning almost everything in this thread and can't pick my nose in NCAA this season. let's do this!
50*Duke +7
50*Texas A$M -9
25*Louisville -21 -120
25*Baylor -21 -120
25*Penn St -10
I will play NC ST,Cincinnati,Indiana and Nevada also.
Nothing changed yet!!! I am crushing NFL and getting crushed in NCAA.
Chiefs and over for me tonite,btw if you bet 49ERS yesterday you cashed that one as well.
I see at least 3 big bets for this weekend!
Exactly break even day yesterday.Bengals cost me Huge over 200 K in swing money.Patriots are not dead yet and still one of the best bets of losing game the week before.
50* Over 45 Seahawks, love this play. Only reason I am not betting 100* here is that I have 50* in a teaser with Seahawks +3 pending. I like my chances.
Again huge swing and only breaking even.3 TD called back on penalties some controversial,shit like this can be called on almost every snap.Percy Harvin scored all 3 of them. One point!!!
Let's have break out week in NCAA
50* Auburn -3 -105
50* Georgia Tech -3 blow out city
50* TCU +8 Baylor covered 12 in a row at home. It's time to pay the Piper!!
50* West Virginia -5
Hooking them up in 4 team special teaser as well for 50* and feel great
25* UCLA +3 -115
1-6 unreal!!!
Betting huge in wrong league because. I can't believe how bad college football is for me this year.
100* Over Packers 48.5 I am still perfect on those in the NFL and lost only one like bet like that
50* Vikings -2
50* Bengals -6.5
50* Steelers+1 I am expecting clean sheet

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