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Uzbekistan PFL 8am

2* Nasaf pk -120

cxxbum - can you tell me which are the offshorebooks I need to use to get the soccer plays in? thanks- I would like some low hanging fruit, you had a
great year last yr. I seldom bet soccer, but I am ready to jump in- thx, luckystar


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cbum....played both argentina games to draw and a little on pick -130 hurc....hey whats up with me being a junior member still...almost 8 yrs service...lol.....what do i have to do 2 move up round here


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1-0 +2*.....had internet problems today....I missed out on a lot of plays

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2010 kickball ytd 474-253-67 +447.29*....top plays 115-32-21 (78.23%)

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Lucky...I use 14 books....188bet, pinny, betUK, betfred, 10bet, vcbet, canbet, skybet, bwin, expekt, bet365, betfair (exchange), coral, and the greek....and always lookin' to add more....I alway post at the bottom of every page of plays where the lines are from....most are european books, which offer a whole lot more matches than the carribean books....most can't be used from the States, but if you know someone outside the States that will hook you up, you're in business....I travel between the States and Canada all the time, so it's no problem for me as I have people on every continent that will hook me up....hope this helps brah...gl

Hog....once you reach 100 posts, you'll be a Big Bad Senior Member, lol....post away brah!

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