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Saturday's List of 13: Doing some thinking out loud........(Author unknown)

13) Now that Murray State has lost a game, curious to see how they finish the regular season; have feeling that if Racers lose to St Mary’s in the Bracket Busters game, they’re going to need the OVC tournament to make the field of 68. Hard to envision the OVC getting two teams in the tournament.

12) Air Force fired its basketball coach in-season? For real? Whats that about? School said the players weren’t having any fun. Guess the military academies are so demanding academically that sports have to be at least a little bit fun. No truth to the rumor that Air Force will interview Carrot Top and Chris Rock for the head coaching job- they don’t want kids having that much fun.

11) Maryland QB Danny O’Brien is transferring, after playing two years for the Terps, with his first year better than the second. Someone’s going to get themselves a pretty good player.

10) Big Dozen football coaches have a “gentlemens’ agreement” when it comes to recruiting, where once a kid declares verbally for one school, that ends the kid’s recruitment.

As basketball coaches and SEC football coaches will tell you, all a verbal commit tells you is who your competition really is; Urban Meyer’s recruiting machine isn’t impressed by verbal commits, a fact that annoys some of his new rivals. In the SEC, when it comes to recruiting, gentlemen wind up unemployed.

9) One thing I was really wrong about was this past college football season; just had the feeling the new celebration penalties were going to pop up now and then and take away from the game, costing some team a tying/winning TD, but it turns out only two TDs all season got taken away by excessive celebrations, and one of them was scored by the LSU punter, who is from Australia. Go figure.

8) Speaking of LSU, when star QB recruit Gunnar Kiel stiffed the Tigers in favor of Notre Dame, Les Miles just went down his recruiting list and signed up a kid from Mississippi named Cam Lawton, who is 6-3, 280. Supposedly, if he doesn’t play QB at LSU, he could be moved to LB or even DE. Now that doesn’t happen every day, a QB moved to defensive end.

7) Vanderbilt hoop coach Kevin Stallings kept reporters waiting for his press conference after Wednesday’s win over LSU, so he could watch the end of the Duke-North Carolina game. Reporters weren’t pleased.

6) I knew that Duke has won 10 of the last 13 ACC tournaments, but when I read it again this week, it startled me. Most teams don’t care all that much about conference tournaments. Duke always has a target on its back, so doing that well is quite an accomplishment.

5) NC State has three of its recruits playing in the McDonald’s All-Star game next month, a sign that Mark Gottfried has gotten it done on the recruiting trail. His Wolfpack is pretty good on the court too—they’re a bubble team that could a win over Duke or Carolina. Solid first year for Gottfried.

4) Underdogs are 10-2-1 against the spread in San Antonio’s road games this season.

3) Injury-prone pitcher Rich Harden got suspense out of the way early this year; he’s having arm surgery and will miss the entire 2012 season. Harden has been a good pitcher when he’s healthy, but he’s seldom been healthy.

2) NHL is paying Michigan $3M to rent its football stadium for six weeks next winter, so they can play their annual outdoor hockey game in The Big House. The Winter Classic has been a big success for the NHL.

1) I have this discussion with a friend of mine via e-mail now and then; is Dwight Evans a Hall of Famer? My friend swears he is, citing outstanding defense and strong offensive numbers. Evans’ career splits fall this way; he played 18 more games on the road than at Fenway, so that’s just about the same; he scored 104 more runs at home, knocked in 100 more runs, hit 21 more HR’s, 75 more doubles at Fenway.

His OPS was 87 points higher at Fenway, which we know is a ballpark that increases doubles by about 40% over other parks; it’s a HR-neutral park. So maybe if the steroids guys don’t get voted in, it’ll help a marginal candidate like Evans, but as an A’s fan, he was never, ever in my top three of guys I feared on the Red Sox, and stuff like that has to be factored in. Very good player, no doubt. Hall of Famer? I’d say no.


Saturday's six-pack

Some thoughts on Knicks' newcomer Jeremy Lin, who had 38 points, 7 assists in New York's win against the Lakers Friday night.......

-- First things first; Lin is excelling because he sees the whole floor and gets the ball to the place it needs to be. Simply, and with zero flash.

-- As Hubie Brown said last night, once the ball starts getting passed, it becomes contagious and the team has more cohesion and plays better, more together. The Knicks were unwatchable until the last week.

-- Lin excels in twisting layups around the rim; he has to have worked on this for hours. You don't see many guys who are so good at that.

-- His high school team won a state championship, beating Mater Dei in state final. Laker coach Mike Brown's son plays for Mater Dei now; if you beat Mater Dei, you have good players who are well-coached.

-- Despite that, Lin was offered zero college scholarships; keep in mind the entire Big West is California schools; six WCC teams, Sacramento State, San Diego State, UCLA, USC, Stanford, Cal. How do none of these schools offer the kid a scholarship?

-- Lin had 30 points, nine rebounds in a game against UConn two years ago, back when UConn was really good. Do scouts even watch games?





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