Play on teams that are on a 3 game or more win streak>>Myth busted

Years ago, my uncle claimed that there was a profitable baseball play. He stated that baseball is a streaky sport.

Play on teams with a 3 game or more win streak or against teams with a 3 game or more losing streak.

I compiled a database for all the games since 97.

Preliminary results prove this wrong, actually it should be a strong fade!

This play on teams with a three game or more winning streak trend actually lost -15,324 from 1997 through 2005 on a $100 wager.

I am planning on having this trend completely validated by opening day.
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I use to follow this system.............

The only way to make $$ doing this is to increase your bets as a team gets hot. And then its kind of like a hot craps table. I made a decent amount of $$ when the A's won like 20 in a row three years ago, good $$ betting against DET 2 years ago, and last year betting against KC. I use to play the streaks religiously but have learned to use it as a tool rather than an automatic bet. Look forward to hearing some more stats.

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