Open Day: 3 game series or 4 game trends...

Since 97 there have been 94 3-game opening series:

The home team has been:

12 times the home team was swept.
Started 1-2 31 times, 9 of those teams avoided being swept.
Started 2-1 37 times, 10 teams lost going for the sweep.
14 times the home team swept the series.

Overall, the home team lost the first two games 21 times and won the first two games 24 times. There is a 53% chance of the team spliting the first two games.

Since 97 there have been 11 4-game opening series:

2 times the home team was 1-3
8 times the home team went 2-2
1 time the home team went 3-1, and that team lost the fourth game.

In conclusion, it is very rare for a team to come out very hot or cold at the start of the season (difficult to sweep or be swept).

Good luck!

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