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Should Ajoytoy cash out early or let it ride on the Philly/Clev over 47?

  • Let it all ride on the Over 47 in Philly and Cleveland

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Earlier this week I parlayed five games. Reno’s two MAC winners, two Soccer winners and now I have the OVER 47 in Browns and Eagles game left. It looks like the total has dropped to 45 and a half. It’s supposed to rain all day in Cleveland. I risked $50 to win $1470. I can cash out the bet today for $625. I had thought if the total went up from 47 I might play the under but now if the game landed on 46 I would get middled and lose both bets. This weather has me nervous. Any thoughts or advice would be most appreciated from any and all. I’d like to hear all viewpoints.

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