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Here's some change you can believe in: Hondo regained sole possession of the Bettor's Guide mountain top last week by keeping it real solid with an 8-6 mark that moved him a game up on pesky Ms. Charleen. Forget the wealth, spread the word: Yes He Can!

Giants over Eagles: Looks as if Larry Linemaker might have snorted one too many. The Eagles should be the beagles here, even though Tommy Tight Butt reverted to pre-Super Bowl championship form and made the players work on Victory Monday. Nevertheless, take this 'dog for a walk to the bank.

Rams over JetsNew York Jets : Not to be picky, but with Favre's tendency to find the opposition with his passes, nine could be a touch too much.

Lions over Jaguars: Dan The Maine Man phoned to assert that the Lions' years and years of futility have made them the anti-Obamas, which is reflected in their slogan: No We Can't!

Bears over Titans: In the spirit of these magnanimous, spread-the-wealth times, Hondo's calling on his BG brethren and all members of the Women's Division to donate a victory to Sully, who desperately wants to move out of his shabby basement crib but is a few Ws short. Won't you please help?

Bills over Patriots: Belichick was caught panicking last week when he called timeout on fourth and short just before Cassel sneaked his way to a red-zone first down. Then the wishy-washy genius changed his mind and kicked a FG and ended up losing by three. That stuff wouldn't be happening if Gisele Bundchen was still hanging around the team.

Falcons over Saints: Although Obama has been a fixture in the public eye for the last two years, there's still plenty to learn about the President-elect. For example, you probably didn't know that Barack's favorite Marx Brother isn't Groucho or Harpo, it's Karl.

Seahawks over Dolphins: Washington voted yes on Initiative 1000, which allows medically assisted suicide for terminally ill patients, as well as Seahag, Mariner and Sonic fans. Apparently the legalized medical marijuana isn't doing the trick for the state's long-suffering sports fans.

Vikings over Packers: That was an amazing celebration that broke out in the Rockefeller Center area Tuesday night when Obama won - a swarm of deliriously happy people running and dancing in the streets, yelling and waving signs that read "We Love You Barack" and "The Messiah." You have to admit, those anchors and reporters from NBC/MSNBC really know how to party.

Panthers over Raiders: Sources say Hillary, showing that plucky can-do spirit that made her hang on in the 'Crat primary long after the toe tag had been looped around her candidacy, already has a few junior pantsuits on the ground in Iowa getting ready for the 2016 caucus.

Chiefs over Chargers: BarkingMut emails to report that Herman Edwards voted for the party of "Peyronie" Bill Clinton out of loyalty to his assistant head coach, Dick Curl.

Steelers over Colts: Ex-Jet malcontent Keyshawn Johnson is hosting a show on A&E about interior design. It's tentatively titled: "Just Gimme The Damn Drapes."

Ravens over Texans: One of the side benefits of Barack's victory - in addition to all that hope that's sweeping the nation - is the guarantee of at least four years of entertaining boneheaded blathering from Biden.

Cardinals over 49ers: New head coach Mike Singletary dropped trou during halftime of the Niners' loss to the Seahags as some sort of motivational tool. Must be a San Francisco thing.


BEST BETS: Giants, Falcons, Panthers.

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