heres the AL preview/predictions>>>


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thats right its that time again

i will not pretend that baseball is my sport, in the 6plus years here we have fared well in football, better in hoops with the exception of 2004 hoops and jan of this year, but baseball has been the weak spot over the same time frame

people, most, pretend they can capp all sports and that is simply not true, i do not play arena football, hockey, wnba or wncaa b/c i do not follow it and i will not pretend to know what im doing by throwing out bs plays

im man enuff to admit that baseball is not my thing, but maybe this year will be different as i changing a few things for the summer

so efore you jump on board lets make sure we have it figured out

3 and 5 unit plays for me only, dc will still be 10 and theres no way we post everyday cause its getting warm, im on the golf course and most of my time will be with family

now heres how the AL will play out

1-nyy 104-58 forget about them not having pitching, they will outscore everyone esp with JD at the top of th elineup and watch out for cano this year

2-red sox 90-72 i love the sox but no way they compete this year---a few nice additions in beckett who has more heart and competitve edge than anyone except maybe r clemens---ortiz and manny better do it becuase thats all they have, still cant believe a gon at ss and adding tavarez in a weak pen---these last 2 guys i do not know how they have managed to stay in the bigs so long, they cant get it done---foulke is a question mark and no way timlin mathces last years numbers, sorry for us sox fans it will be a long season

3-toronto 81-81 added lots of players none of which will make that much a difference except for bj closing---forget about him not having exp in this position this guy is solid and lyle overbay is a nice acquisition watch out for this guy but still no where near challenging for the top spot

4-baltimore 75-87 cant believe didnt give mazzilli a better chance to win here but still they will not be any better

5-tb 70-92 another long year although they have some good players coming along, i just hope they are better than what they have produced lately with upton or rocco, another long season in tampa---dont have to do much to produce more than upton or baldelli

the rest of the Al coming up shortly

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