Championship weekend

I don't make excuses too often, but I do feel I got the shaft last weekend in a not so atypical 2nd round nightmare.

First, the Redskins would have covered with a short field goal but it misses. Strike One.

Then, the Patriots not only play very poorly, but get completely hosed on a couple of calls. They got the first pass interference in the NFL playoffs in -- well, forever! -- and it was one of the worst calls of the weekend. (As you know, there were many). Not only that, but I'm convinced the ball knocked from Champ Bailey on the 1 went out of the end zone. You can see the ball come loose inside of Bailey, who falls right over the cone. It's a damn shame one of the best and most pivotal plays in NFL playoff history will now be forgotten in a couple weeks because of a botched call. Considering this was a bet on a defensive shutdown, handing the Broncos 14 points was undoubtedly the difference in this game. Strike two.

I took the Colts largely because I believed they would get BS calls in their favor and make a win by the Steelers nearly impossible. Well, score one for me -- yippee! Of course, the Steelers were far too dominant and impressive for a few bad calls to matter on the spread. Strike three.

Finally, the Bears coaches -- yes, the one that got "coach of the year" -- deserve the season award for the WORST coaching job in a single game. The total and complete embarrassment of the Bears defense by Steve Smith was one of the most mind-numbing events of the year. HOW FUCKING STUPID CAN YOU BE??? If I owned the team, I would have been tempted to fire the defensive coach -- OR THE HEAD COACH -- after that game. Never before has a team with a defense thought so highly of been so humiliated, and they largely have just themselves to blame. Well, I heard they blamed the field so I guess the Bears will be playing for that 6th seed next season so that they might win a playoff game. Get some new shoes, dudes! The ironic thing is the offense had more than enough game to win that one, and I thought they still would pull out a win from their rear in the end in spite of the defense. If I was a bears fan, I'd kill myself.

Based on those comments, my picks for this weekend shouldn't surprise you. I'm going against the two teams that got a pass to the NFC Championship.

In Seattle, I'll go with the Seahawks. Hey, you guys gonna cover Steve Smith??? I don't really like this game because too much seems to depend on Alexander. I think he'll play and play just fine but I don't know if I'll bet the house on that one. Truth be told, the "value" is on Carolina and you should take the +3 because the game stacks up AWFULLY close, but my official pick will be Seattle anyway.

In Denver, here is my GAME OF THE YEAR pick. Yes, bet the farm, empty all those profits from the season and play one final time...DOUBLE or NOTHING....

The Pittsburgh Steelers are GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL! #1 Defense. #1 QB. #1 Rushing game. Its always a good idea to bet against Denver anyway. Vegas is very close to Denver and they attract a lot of Denver money easily, and the oddsmakers are well aware of this. The line is inflated to Denver's favor, as is the $$$-line. Its the right play AND the smart play.

Several years ago, there was a similar matchup when Pittsburgh and Kordell took on Denver and John Elway. This game seems very very similar, except now imagine the QBs on those teams being switched and you have Sunday's game in a nutshell.

The Steelers may not have quite the offense that the Broncos do, but they manufacture points like no one in NFL history and FORGET ALL THAT TALK ABOUT PLUMMER BEING THE GREATEST ROLLOUT PASSER IN HISTORY. Yes, he'll roll out...and throw an INT. This is JAKE PLUMMER people. Hello? On the other side, Ben Roethlisberger lit up the Colts like a pinball machine. He was simply unbelievable last week, especially in the first half. Every throw with zip, on the mark, and then lets not forget about the game saving tackle. This guys a winner -- he's won nearly every pro game in his career. 15-1 last season, won nearly every start this season, has won two road game already in this year's playoffs. Big Ben is XL Big Ben, bank it! Everybody on the Bus because it will make its final stop where it belongs: at the Superbowl in Detroit.

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