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Kevin, any way i could get on your email list for the sheets? It was very helpful!
I'd like to get on the email list too
Sorry for the delay in responding about the Liberty Bowl. Hopefully you saw it in time (if it stays under)
Question for you, where did you get +150 odds on 7 point teaser? Im looking for another out and some places have dreadful teaser odds.
Thanks for letting me know. This is what I get for posting from Starbucks on my way to the gym. My silly brain meant to post Redskins (who dont exist) and instead I wrote ravens. Its early here. In any event, I appreciate the heads up.

Just as a teaser, I was also going to post the Bears +5.5, but that should be DD game (we try not to overlap). Its moving already.

I also appreciate your posts on the site.

Its early here too.. taking the family to Disney World this morning before the wedding tomorrow.
Modog, thanks so much for the Pat Travers music !!. I really appreciate the effort. Great stuff indeed!
Putting you in time out until you know how to behave. No one gives a fuck about bee free and he is not allowed to post here. He was put in a 30 day time out and wont be welcomed back. He is at Mad Jacks now under a fake name. and he posts at sharp player. If you really need to keep breaking his phony ass please do so elsewhere. Much thanks.
Thank you Reno, I have been with OSB since 2006 , good to see you again Big C

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