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Chris “The Bear” Fallica
Mahomes under 331.5 pass yards
Tyreek Hill under 6.5 receptions
Travis Kelce over 97.5 receiving yards
Edwards-Helaire over 29.5 rush yards
Travice Kelce anytime TD (-162)

Doc's Sports
A What will Happen first, a sack or a touchdown. Play a Sack (+110) will happen first. This bet will win if a sack by either team happens before a touchdown in scored.
A Will there be 3 unanswered scores in the game. Bet Yes (-180). This bet will win if either team has three scores in a row.
A Tampa Bay Buccaneers (-3.5 Alternate Point spread) +235 over Kansas City Chiefs

Chiefs Punts Under 3.5 -150
Tyreek Hill Over 87.5 rec yds -115
Travis Kelce Over 94.5 Rec Yds -125
YES Brady INT -130
Fournette>Williams rush yds -135
Last play of game YES QB run -170
Byron Pringle Under 1.5 Receptions +105
Under 10.5 Penalties +100
Cameron Brate Under 3.5 Receptions -130
Under 2.5 Players with a pass attempt -165
Under 2.5 Players complete a pass -260
Shortest TD Under 1.5 -140
Last play of the game QB kneel -135
No score first 5 min -135
KC scores more points in 2nd H/OT versus 1st H -105
Robinson Under 2.5 -240
Pringle Under 18.5 -110
White NO sack -120
Suh NO sack -165
Jones NO sack -125
Clark NO sack -140
Bucs punt first -120
Bucs +10.5 rush yds VS KC -110
Opening kickoff touchback -220
Last play of 1st H NO QB run -200
CEH Under 60.5 total yds -110
Chiefs shortest punt Over 32.5 -130
Bucs shortest punt Over 32.5 -130
Mahomes>Brady pass yds -150
Over 7.5 Players with a rush attempt -120
Darrell Williams Under 7.5 1Q Rush Yds -125
Mathiue No INT -300
Tampa to receive ball first -110
Over 3.5 Sacks -160

Stanford Steve
Chris Godwin over 5.5 receptions
Mahomes under 331.5 pass yards
Tyreek Hill over 6.5 receptions
Travis Kelce under 97.5 receiving yards
Edwards-Helaire over 29.5 rush yards
Edwards-Helaire over 48.5 rush+receiving yards
Brady over 305.5 pass yards
Mike Evans over 4.5 receptions
Ronald Jones II over 35.5 rush yards

Warren Sharp
Leonard Fournette over 3.5 receptions -120
Ronald Jones most rushing yards +275
Patrick Mahomes over 18.5 rushing yards -115
Under 10.5 total accepted penalties +100
Longshot: Cameron Brate to score 1st TD for Tampa +1400 and any time TD +333
Second half + OT more points than first half -112
**note: betting this in lieu of betting the first half under 27.5, which is what my model leans towards
Tampa Bay 3rd down conversions over 5.5 +125
Will Kansas City convert a 4th down YES -135
Will Tampa Bay convert a 4th down YES -135
Longshot: Will there be a missed extra point YES +210
Patrick Mahomes over 40.5 pass att (-125)
Darrell Williams rushing yards Under 30.5 -125
Rob Gronkowski longest catch over 15.5 yards -112
Rob Gronkowski receiving yards over 28.5 -115
Mecole Hardman longest catch over 15.5 -120
National Anthem length over 120.5 seconds -105

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