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  1. Marty


    Play of the Day Zona -2
  2. Marty

    Monday September 6th

    On tap today: MLB underdog straight up winner A must play!!! CFB solid winner supported by regressional stats clipping at 87%…..just incredible!!!! MLB totals play best bet Easy money!!! Now up at: As always, if two plays loses, money is returned 100%
  3. Marty

    Friday Night

    49ers +195 Double digit win
  4. Marty

    Tuesday MLB

    Boston +142 Finally RedSox get the pitching matchup they needed to get a win Watching the morning practice I can tell you they had a good one. They looked sharp, loose, confident and focused on tonight’s game because of the pitcher they are facing. They love to hit vs Yarborough and factor in...
  5. Marty


    Jacksonville -4 Game plan confirmed Now it becomes a statement game Double digit bigtime win!!!
  6. Marty

    Sunday MLB

    Philadelphia -180 Cincinnati -180 Atlanta -135
  7. Marty

    Week 0

    Illini +6 Illini +208 straight up Miners -10 Miners -6.5 1st half Do not underestimate the Bielema era in Champagne. Thursday’s practice was impressive and the team has officially made this inaugural game a dedication to the coach. Husker defence has holes everywhere GL today to big red...
  8. Marty


    Dodgers/Padres over 8
  9. Marty

    Monday mlb solid play

    50* Toronto Blue Jays -1.5 +148 When desperation kicks in, nothing else matters Cy Young candidate Lance Lynn will get lit up tonight as regression sets in This one will be done early
  10. Marty


    Toronto -1.5 -130 Matz must start for action
  11. Marty


    50* NY Giants +170 A close kept secret retained all week by the coaching staff will be exposed today Take big blue today You won’t regret it
  12. Marty

    Saturday must play

    50** Washington +210 They are the best at hitting vs southpaws .795 OPS says they will get to Lauer today
  13. Marty

    9:40pm GOY

    100** Oakland +112 Kaprielian must start for action SF stands no chance tonight Regression sets in on Wood
  14. Marty


    Cards/Crew over 7
  15. Marty


    Carolina/Indy under 34
  16. Marty

    Saturday Night

    50* Kansas City -112 Brad Keller must start for action
  17. Marty


    Dude needs to go back to Oakland Totally ineffective in Florida Motherfucker is cost me a tonne tonight
  18. Marty

    Saturday Night

    50* Miami +142 watch for Jesus Aguilar to put on a one man show tonight Nice dog play tonight Should be easy
  19. Marty


    60** Atlanta/Milwaukee under 9
  20. Marty


    It’s all about the H factors tonight 50* Play of the Day Pirates +126 Hoskins and Harper are hobbling into this game as they both got damaged last time out which should make them quite ineffective. Hell, I’ll even go a step further and say Hoskins will not play tonight. On the mound…...

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