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    Sun 1-20

    wow big loser with Gb def wrong on that game..damn//was hoping to see farve in sb
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    Sun 1-20

    gb Big!!!! Also Taking Over GB -7' OVER 41
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    7 UNIT Green Bay -7.5 Please post cannot get on form''

    Lol Is It As Big As Dall Last Week Notice U Follow Alot Of Top Ser Plays Budin Biggggy Is Gb Too ALSO, HOW COME U NEVER MENTION UR LOSERS LOL GB ROLLLLLLLLLS
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    Sun 1-20

    AGREE!!! GO PACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Sun 1-20

    REALLY LIKE GB AND THE OVER so leans right now are GB & over and ov sd/ne waiting to see weather etc and will post anyone else think GB no prob
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    Sun Playoffs $$

    lmfaoo bump
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    PORK PIGGLER>>>>> 3 lsu

    glta.....12-3 in bowls$$$$$$$$$$
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    Saturday's International Bowl

    we got a hosrage situation lol come on manowar..u will get ur $$$
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    Saturday's International Bowl

    damn..why do this to the osbers shame
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    B Coleman 5*bulls

    Redzone ..good Ser Double Play.dallas Single..pen State Lol Some Copy For Sure As Their Own Exct That Is
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    B Coleman 5*bulls

    Big Play From Him 5*
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    Add On's

    OBVIOUS tout talk/posting..style etc
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    Posted Some Services In The Serv Thread
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    my play tonight following the hot NORTHCOAST SPORTSTHEIR REC (AS POSTED FROM ANOTHER SITE) 23-4 !!!! 6-0 yest$$...sides......... unreal they are glta
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    Special K Big Play

    OKLA tom! i will post northcoast tom too!

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