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    smart guy I know

    Genius i have been here longer then you, i just dont post tons of stalking posts
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    smart guy I know

    Congrats Dime. Where is that stalker cowboy guy today? Probably trying to figure out how to pay the bookie from trying to fade these plays
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    typical phony. loses a bet and then leaves with the fake vacation. Only rookie bettors call plays of the year.
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    If You're Not Betting the NBA then You Don't Like Money

    Yes that stat is great, but you leave out the fact that you still have to pick the right teams
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    nba opposite plays

    why is it taking you so long to sign in? are you using a dial up 2600 modem? That makes no sense
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    nba opposite plays

    Good job Blanche. What i find really amazing is the money difference -12,400 to +6,900 That picture shows you clearly how the vig eats up profit. If 2 people played those exact bets with a bookie, the bookie made 5500 for doing nothing. Just seeing it clearly like that makes me wish i quit...
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    Down Memory Lane
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    NCAAM 2/26

    AU, your grand canyon vegas line isnt 156, its 129. so it wouldnt be a play on the over

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