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    personal play on

    Thanks again DD. Well done!
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    personal play on

    Thanks for the play DD. That game would go over 9 out of 10 times
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    MD Baltimore County -3.5

    Nice play. Appreciate it!
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    Personal play on

    Thanks DD! Much appreciated
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    Sat personal play on

    Thanks DD. Another solid pick
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    personal play on

    Tough one. Thanks for the play though. And how about Radford?! These back to backs make the losses in game 1 hurt even more!
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    personal play on

    Who knew there were such great benefits in taking a few days to clear the head! Thanks again
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    personal play on

    As always, thanks for the play! Truly appreciate it
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    personal play on

    As a guy from Memphis who’s watched that team struggle this year, this was a gutsy play! And I’m glad I followed you! Well done
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    Sat NFL

    Let’s do it Reno! Backing the Ravens as well
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    Personal Play on

    And again, thanks for the solid play! Truly appreciate it
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    Personal play on

    Been following this forum off and on for 5+ years but never registered. Had to officially register today to thank you for the plays lately. Incredibly impressive!

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