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2011 kickball ytd 3262-2623-505 +1678.52*....top plays 157-57-15 (73.36%)

EPL 2:45pm + 3pm

3* Arsenal ML -135

3* Man U ML -130

Bum, great call on these 2 plays my brah!

Missed a great ML play on Albacete Balompie as Atletico Madrid loses again at home today....needless to say their coach is history.

I want to thank you for getting me into soccer....It is truly an amazing sport and such passion especially in England, Spain, and Italy. And of course, it is always nice to make some coin too but I have really enjoyed watching a lot of these games over the last few seasons.

Happy Holidays
i also would like to thank you for the unbelieveable job you do over here and all the coin you make for us during the year happy holidays and a great new year may you stay healthy wealthy and wise


Super Handicapper
no sweat fellas, glad ya made some coin....always better to watch kicks when ya have some coin on it RSF, lol

Happy Holidays and best of luck boys.....\m/

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