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  1. jayson

    10* Super Bowl Play

    Beat it dude. No one like your negativity
  2. jayson

    3 of the biggest fades I know….

    Are all on Cincinnati. The last time I recall this happening was Buffalo -4 against New England on Thursday night football. These guys were all on patriots and @DIME DOG Was on the Bills. Very tempted to hammer the Bills here. Anybody know what Joe Pub is playing in Vegas? I assume there...
  3. jayson

    some smart guys I know

    Thanks Dog. Let’s get it
  4. jayson

    Why are Cowgirls only -4?

    I like Dallas moneyline here. Their stock is down after barely beating worst team in league. I think it was a wake up call and they are very focused right from opening kick today. I only make a handful of personal plays a year (mostly tail others), and this is shaping up to be one of them.
  5. jayson

    Dime Dog - any leans Bills/Phins?

  6. jayson

    Killer Whale

    These days I log in daily just to follow Dime Dog for a few dimes a game and don’t play many other plays at all. Anybody else worth tailing that I may be missing? I’ll throw a nickel on Hair Trigger too when I see him. Would be nice to be able to get text alerts when these guys post...
  7. jayson

    Killer Whale

    Pickerson was legendary for a certain timeframe then went ice cold and never recovered. L4U was kind of same - great for awhile then lost way more than he won - I believe he passed away few years ago. Nikki was great - 1-5* plays - I used to log in daily and play his 4 or 5 * top plays - I...
  8. jayson


    I see you are online! What’s the deal?! You are/were legendary! Love those 2-4 point dogs. 1-2 plays a weekend. You still playing?
  9. jayson

    Guy i follow has a monster play on Clemson -7 1/2 thought Id share gl

    Handicapper or friend? Sharp?
  10. jayson

    Personal play on

    Just curious what you are teasing Georgia down to
  11. jayson

    Question for the Vets

    You are Correct. Usually see it more in baseball totals. U9 -120 would be extra juice to the under.
  12. jayson

    Personal play on

    Thanks DD. Any leans on the early slate?
  13. jayson

    Personal play on

    Get some! LFG
  14. jayson

    Need a Teaser leg to go with Cinci Bengals

    Colts and Rams to 10. Had a max bet on Cinci -7. Wanted some teases to increase exposure
  15. jayson

    Need a Teaser leg to go with Cinci Bengals

    Like it but I was always told not to tease totals
  16. jayson

    Need a Teaser leg to go with Cinci Bengals

    Any suggestions?
  17. jayson

    Adam Chernoff Plays?

    What is he on this week?
  18. jayson

    Mens hoops total

    I remember someone with the name turtle 15 years or so ago on forums that was great with nba totals. Was that you?
  19. jayson

    Personal play for 9 AM PT

    Thanks Dog. What’s on deck?
  20. jayson

    Personal play on Thursday night football

    Get some DOG

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