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  1. Reno

    smart guy I know playing

    Hanging with Derek and Nicole again on the overhang? He wants to win back some of the weekends take. Lol
  2. Reno

    If you can't access the football forum....

    Check your spam for email confirmation If nothing there: Please email and I can manually confirm you
  3. Reno

    Personal play on

    Shop those lines! We always say it.
  4. Reno

    Two Props for Tuesday

    6* Donovan Mitchell over 26.5 points -120 6* Anthony Davis over 26.5 -110 4* Parlay the two $100/wins $250
  5. Reno

    Rangers acquire Degrom!

    From what I have heard from a beat writer it seems the New York City income tax of 3.876.% along with the NY state tax of 10.9% weighed heavily in Jacob DeGrom's decision to move to Texas. He wanted a better life for his family. Also he will pay no state/local income tax saving him $5,467,120...
  6. Reno

    Follow the money

    if you have not been listening to my friend Mitch Moss and his partner Pauly Howard on VSIN you are missing out. Great stuff everyday. Here is today’s podcast of the best of today’s show:
  7. Reno

    About to smash my big screen

    Sometimes you capped the game right but end up with the wrong results. Hang in there.
  8. Reno

    Wed CBB

    8* Boise State/SD state over 145.5 6* IUPUI +27
  9. Reno

    Tuesday CBB

    We need Nikkidawg back!
  10. Reno


    Glad to have you for the long haul my friend.
  11. Reno

    Tuesday CBB

    8* Wisc Milw/Purdue over 145 6* San Jose St/ Ga Southern over 134.5
  12. Reno


    1998 during football season
  13. Reno

    Monday CBB

    8* Ohio +6.5 6* Illinois St -9
  14. Reno

    Saturday bases

    6* Phillies +133
  15. Reno

    Thursday bases

    8* Phillies/Astros 1st 5 over 4 6* Phillies Astros over 8.5 +140 (for the bold go over 9 for +190)
  16. Reno

    Wednesday bases

    8* Phillies -108
  17. Reno

    Tuesday bases

  18. Reno

    Tuesday bases

    8* Ranger Suarez over 2.5 Strikeouts -130 6* Astros / Phillies over 7.5
  19. Reno

    Monday bases

    Reviewing it now. Different pitcher for Phillies so I a looking at game logs.
  20. Reno

    Monday bases

    8* Astros/Phillies over 8

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