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    NCAA play

    Houston/ Nova under 128 3-1 in madness on this site Good luck
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    Drake/UNC Wilmington

    I really like the Over 137 in this matchup. Playing it as a 4*
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    NCAA Hoops Sm Lean

    Jacksonville +16 I wouldn’t go crazy with it but this could be an upset so at the very least I see it being within a 10 point game. Hope everyone did well yesterday. Let’s keep it rolling. 2-0 Match Madness Good luck P.S. I lean Loyola in the first game
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    NCAA Game side

    Last minute .. New Mexico State +6.5 live bet . Take all the points you can get . Good luck 1-0
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    NCAA Hoops Play

    Richmond +9 Going to be a close game, I possibly see this one going into OT or Richmond winning outright. Over 150 is also a solid move for anyone trying to double up. Good luck
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    NCAA Total I’m playing

    Pitt/Virginia Under 116 2-3 posting hoops this year good luck
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    Indiana @ Nebraska +8

    Playing Nebraska +8 and sprinkling on the mL 1-3 this year posting hoops. Good luck.
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    Bills/Patriots Under

    This may sound ridiculous, but FanDuel is running a special for over 36.5 and for every 5000 bets it will move down a 1/2 a point. With NY just getting online sports betting, the books are begging you to take the over. They have run similar specials such as the NCAA Championship game. It’s going...
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    Marquette +7

    I like them a lot in this spot. They’ve been on the uprise and the public is all over UCLA. Good luck!
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    NBA Plays

    Pelicans +3.5 Magic +7.5 Wizzards -4.5 Pacers -1 Good Luck!
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    TNF early play

    Taking the Saints +4.5 early, and also teased it with the over. People are going to bet the house on Dallas cuz they lost last week and Bills killed New Orleans. And The Saints don’t even know who their QB is going to be. And Dallas just got back Gallup and Cooper. McCarthy is on Protocol, and I...
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    Last minute pick

    Georgia +8 … might win outright
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    Magic +6.5

    Best play I see tonight. May even win outright.
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    Washington +8.5

    Best play I see early. Might even win outright for big plus money.
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    Raptors +6.5

    One of the best plays I see tonight.
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    Sunday Night?

    What’s the play tonight?

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