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    Best Super Bowl Ads review

    Super Bowl XLIII proved to be a thriller but I found the quality of the commercials not very good at all. I believe the water cooler buzz on Monday will be overall disappointment following many years of quality ad spots. I can't say there is one thing that grabs my attention every year, but I do...
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    Gulfstream Park Today

    GULFSTREAM PARK Race #6 at 3:35 PM Eastern Top pick: #6 (I AM TROUBLE) - Went wire-to-wire first off a Bob Dibona claim, and enters this sharp and with the best early speed. Field is light on pace, so he'll attempt to win this early. The pick. 2nd pick: #7 (Mystery Prospect) - Claimed last out...
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    When you think about it, The auto

    Auto industry is just way behind the times. Thats what is costing the Big three. The unions run those companies.
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    Hank Goldberg ESPN

    Hammerin Hank Goldberg (was 4-2 last week) Plays: Baltimore Ravens -2 (Predicts Baltimore 20-10) New York Giants +3 (Predicts NYG 24-21) New York Jets -7.5 (Predicts Jets 35-6) Opinions: Atlanta -3 Green Bay -2
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    Scott Ferrall Radio Show

    PLAYS OF THE WEEK BALTIMORE -2.5 to Pittsburgh JETS -7.5 to Bills INDY -17 to Lions WASHINGTON -7 to Cincy BEST BETS OTHERWISE MIAMI -6.5 to 49ers CAROLINA -7.5 to Denver ARIZONA -3 to Minnesota NEW ENGLAND -7 to Oakland TOP UPSETS KC +6 from San Diego HOUSTON +3 from Tennessee...
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    Scott Ferrall 11/16 NFL plays

    CINCY +9 from Philly--The Eagles bubble burst against the Giants last Sunday night. Too much wood to not grab here SEATTLE +3 from Arizona--I think everyone is getting a bit excited for nothing with the Cardinals. Hasselback is back and they'll knock off Zona New Orleans -5.5 to Kansas...
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    Mighty Quinn 11/15

    Been getting killed in College Football but he has been winning his colle hoops early and is 8-3 in college hoops His only Basketball play is USC - 23 1/2 5-11 last week 74-93 for the year 1-0 this week This weeks college plays Vt winner thursday Cinny friday Penn state Navy Uconn Bama Mizz...
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    Colin Cowherd radio picks

    Stanford 17-30 to cover against USC Texas 45-20 over Kansas Notre Dame 22-17 over Navy Ohio State 33-17 over Illini (Easy $$ Blowout)
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    DCI Hockey Predictions, 11/15/2008

    Season: 83-56 (.597) MONTREAL 4, Philadelphia 3 Washington vs. NEW JERSEY: TOO CLOSE TO CALL Ottawa vs. N.Y. ISLANDERS: TOO CLOSE TO CALL N.Y. RANGERS 3, Boston 2 VANCOUVER 3, Toronto 2 PITTSBURGH 4, Buffalo 2 MINNESOTA 3, Columbus 2 Dallas vs. PHOENIX: TOO CLOSE TO CALL Colorado vs. EDMONTON...
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    Hondo NFL plays

    Here's some change you can believe in: Hondo regained sole possession of the Bettor's Guide mountain top last week by keeping it real solid with an 8-6 mark that moved him a game up on pesky Ms. Charleen. Forget the wealth, spread the word: Yes He Can! Giants over Eagles: Looks as if Larry...
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    Nfl News And Notes

    Bengals - Ryan Fitzpatrick has absolutely no ability to throw downfield; nothing but dinks and dunks out of this offense. The entire passing game is nothing but glorified handoffs to their wide receivers, little four-yard out patterns and five-yard slants. Fitzpatrick threw 19 passes in the...
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    The Hilton Contest for Week #10

    Most Popular Picks #1 Atlanta (PK) 99 #2 Minnesota (-2) 94 #3 Baltimore (+1.5) 91 #4 Chicago (+3) 90 #5 Philadelphia (-3) 87
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    Mighty Quinn 11/8

    Overall Record: 69-82-6 Best Bets: 8-2 This Week's Best Bet: TCU Horned Frogs (Thursday Night Game) Maryland TCU-BEST BET Rutgers Ohio State Michigan State Oklahoma State Florida Georgia Kansas Iowa Notre Dame LSU Texas West Virginia Louisville USC
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    Colin Cowherd 11/8 NCAA

    (29-17-2 YTD) California +22 (Projected score USC 33, Cal 21) Alabama -3.5 (Projected score Bama 37, LSU 27) Penn St. -7.5 (Projected score Penn St. 36, Iowa 21) Oklahoma St. +3.5 (Projected score Okie St. 36, Texas Tech 26)
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    Scott Ferrall 11/8 NCAA Football plays

    TENNESSEE -26 to Wyoming--The Vols finally kick someones ass for Fulmer COLORADO -10 to Iowa St--The Cyclones are winless on the road and the Buffs are 4-1 in Boulder EAST CAROLINA -8.5 to Marshall WAKE -3.5 to Virginia NEW MEXICO -3.5 to UNLV--The Lobos gave Utah fits, so they'll take out...
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    Presidential Electoral Vote Contest

    Obama - 279 Obama wins and 279 votes
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    Mighty Quinn NFL picks

    Mighty Quinn Bills (-5 1/2) Giants (-8 1/2) Texans (+4 1/2) Jagaurs (-7 1/2) Bucs (-8 1/2) Browns (-1) Cardinals (-3) Bears (-13) Packers (+5 1/2)- BEST BET Dolphins (+3) Falcons (-3) Eagles (-7) Colts (-6) Steelers (+2) 51-60-5 on the season 4-8-2 Best Bets
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    Hilton Contest Picks

    Hilton week 9, entire field and top 10 players breakdown: Top 10 (and ties, 11) GB 8 Was 5 Det Oak 4 SUPERCONTEST WEEK 9-Updated October 31, 2008- All Contestants Contestant Name Wins Loss Ties Sel1 Sel2 Sel3 Sel4 Sel5 All Contestants - Selection Recap Selection # of Times Selected CLE...
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    Hondo's Newspaper plays

    Hondo October 31, 2008 Hondo, who struggled to a 7-6-1 record last week, was caught by Miss Charleen, the perennial Women's Division champette. But don't worry about Mr. Aitch; save your sympathy for the eight also-rans looking up at the leaders. Giants over Cowboys: Plaxico admitted this...
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    Sarah Palin SNL Rap Video

    http://widgets.nbc.com/o/4727a250e66f9723/48fb3409b289b28f/48fafb9dab35f5ae/3f2e893c/-cpid/7e6914e1d1abfb67/clipID/773781/video_title/Saturday+Night+Live+-+Update%3a+Palin+Rap?storeInPid=true" id="W4727a250e66f972348fb3409b289b28f Whether Democrat or Republican you have to find this SNL video...

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