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    CFB Week 12

    gl, man.....like it
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    Sarge's Championship Sunday

    Good job!!!!
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    Anyone see LOOSECANNON picks cant get in OSB?

    neither can I.....he was requested to post here for this very reason.
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    Mlb Thurs Playoffs

    s o l i d ! gltu, thx for post(s)
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    NYTIMES: Looking for My Father in Las Vegas

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    Nfl 12-3-06

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    NLCS game 1 .....................

    The cards have the cannon.......go redbirds!
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    100* Steelers Moneyline +150

    ...are u saying 10k?...if so gl!
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    Sat nite bailout plays....

    Thanks for the late winners.
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    2/7/06 CBB Plays

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    N B A N U G G E T S + 3 1/2

    Up 6 at half...went to bed, awoke to find that the Warriors took exception to losing........get 'em today!
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    takin a walk on Miami Under 184

    Good call...saw your post to late though.
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    Championship weekend

    Good writeup on Steelers...now on to Seattle, Indian Chief..
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    Nyk/chi U199

    You were on right track........tough loss!
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    nba nuts style, got the $$$with portland last night>>

    ..and never in doubt....good job!
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    I am Back to Hit BOTH

    First "over" post I think I have seen...........good lucK as I am going against the grain w/you.
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    Bears are not a play today gl

    Think he is implying that he does not have enough evidence that the bears will cover and not enough evidence that Carolina will....therefore, no play.
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    Bears are not a play today gl

    Glad to hear the BRINKS TRUCK mentioned again........gl
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    the nuts nba style>>>

    Thanks, Bluff City!
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    1000* Bailout/Retirement Goy!

    Good for you..BOL.

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