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    Personal play on

    Never in doubt!
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    3/29 CBB Madness 122-90 ytd

    a little broom work. Nicely Done!
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    3/24 CBB Madness 94-64 ytd

    Nice work, keep it up!
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    SEC games tonight>>>

    Pinson(PG) out for LSU tonight. He’s missed the last two. LSU won at Florida, lost to Ark at home without him. Agree on Auburn and Kentucky. But, Georgia isn’t very good and Auburn plays well at home. Having said that, 21.5 is a lot of points. I’m leaning toward playing under 149 in...
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    1/12 college hoops game

    Florida -1 Coach Wades teams have struggled against the Gators, especially in Gainesville. Starting PG Pinson out for this game makes this a tough one for my Tigers win on the road.
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    Texas Tech vs Baylor

    Nice call Raider. Congrats!
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    1/11 college hoops

    Auburn +3 Auburn getting points right now too good for me to pass up. May be a sucker bet, but I’m playing it.
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    Texas Tech vs Baylor

    Thanks RR
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    College hoops Saturday

    Been doing a good bit of hunting and on the road a lot. Trying to get plugged back in.
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    College hoops Saturday

    LSU -2
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    Friday CFB

    By all means, post those plays. I mostly follow guys on here. Post some hoops from time to time. 3-2 this season.
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    1/1 CBB 325-267 ytd

    Happy New Year Ject, let’s kick it off right!
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    Friday CFB

    Keep ‘em coming boss man. I’ve won a lot more bets than I’ve lost tailing you this past year. Peyton, I don’t know his record, but I know I haven’t paid the man this season.
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    Personal play on

    Thanx Dime, on it
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    Merry Christmas guys!

    Merry Christmas to all!

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