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    Bum's 2013 CFL Playoffs

    thnx bum for you and c-ice input into cfl football stay well and we'll do it again next year
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    Monday Plays

    a full day brings good pay gltu keep on truckin
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    Tuesday Plays

    still the best kickball guy on the planet gltu
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    Huge Bet

    took a shot thnx for the info
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    Bum's 2013 CFL Thread

    as always bum your a money maker thnx again
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    Wednesday Plays

    way to go bum keep on kickin em in the balls gltu
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    Saturday Plays

    still kickin butt bum you are one of a kind bol
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    Saturday Plays

    still kickin butt keep it up gltu
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    Thursday Plays

    somehow your opinion always makes us moola thnx gltu
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    Saturday Plays

    still the best gltu
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    Thursday Plays

    got all of europa lif is good thanx
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    Monday Plays

    portugal super liga $$$$ thnx
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    Sunday Plays

    tnx bum hope you are well
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    Yo biatch bum..lmao

    trabzonspor +165 m/l
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    Wednesday Plays

    as always you brighten up an old mans afternoon with over barca gltu

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