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    Underdog I am on tonight

    Mya, get ur ass back in here and own up to your wrongs! 😂😂😂 know when to eat crow
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    Smart guy I know told me

    The one game early that doesn’t go over 😂
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    NCAAB 11/14

    Keep up the good work! Hofstra shitty free throw shooting was the difference in a 3-0 day
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    Grand Salami

    Yes it is…these games had zero defense except for Coyotes/Isles(wow) and Bruins/Flames
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    Grand Salami

    Under 64.5 Lots of good goalies tonight, GL!
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    Personal Play on

    Keep ‘em coming, thx
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    10/18 NBA 0-0 ytd

    I thought the over was COOKED! 40 points scored in the last 5 minutes, both teams just went off, was awesome
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    10-18-22 NBA>

    Lakers got me 1h too, absolutely pathetic shooting, 10% from three, 4 missed free throws, some bs fouls and Russ’ technical. Learned my lesson, not betting against the Dubs this year until that long road stretch in December lol
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    Monday bases

    Supposed to be raining from 7-9p est
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    Nice job bud! Was in Vegas a few days and tailed the hot streak! You must be moving lines, I got 7.5 for both Pitt and TB games, but TB had moved to 8 right before game time. Keep up the good work and F the haters 😂

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