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    Back in Lubbock

    Glad everyone in the family is good. Appreciate the update
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    Sunday March 13 GOY!!!

    Saved me. Thank you
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    3 basketball plays

    NBA Raptors -4 Kings -5 CBB UCLA -8
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    Personal Play on

    Easy money
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    NBA 2/25

    Is that the over or under for that Spurs game ?
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    3 College Ball Point totals

    Rhode Island/St Bonnies o135.5 Alabama/Vandy o153.5 NewMexico/UtahSt u147.5
  7. dudog123

    College Hoops Monday

    Prairie View A&M/Miss Valley under 151.5
  8. dudog123

    College Hoops Wed.

    FGCU -5 Georgia +16
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    NBA total I’m on

    In the house tonight at Wells Fargo to cheer it on Trigger. Go sixers
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    College Hoops Saturday

    Ole Miss PK Georgia St -1.5
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    Dime Dog

    Wondering if we are going to see a Super Bowl play from you. If not what side are you leaning
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    College hoops Thurs

    Georgia St -1.5 buy the half
  13. dudog123

    College Hoops Monday

    Kansas -1 Austin Peay +19.5 Arizona St +12
  14. dudog123

    NBA Sunday

    76ers ML -135 Bucks -4.5
  15. dudog123

    College Hoops Saturday

    Bang. 2-0

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