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    Texas Tech -3.5

    Took them 2H at the same number. Thanks for the play.
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    Wisconsin -6

    Nice one trig
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    some smart guys I know

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    Playing UCLA -9.5 later

    They have been money burners all season.
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    personal play on

    Yeah, last I looked ESPN showed a 72-69 final. Not sure what happened but I’ll take it. All hail DD!!!
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    personal play on

    Oh well. Made it interesting.
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    personal play on

    Oh ye of little faith. We got OT, still a chance!
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    Personal play on

    All hail DD!!! Hopefully you are at Circa March 18. The least I can do is buy you a drink.
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    Personal play on

    The way Penn State extended the game with fouls, you’d have thought this was a tournament game. Thanks as always DD.
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    SEC Plays:

    Thanks for the plays and giving me something to bet while waiting for the NFL games to start. Is Auburn always this slow and methodical?
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    Personal play on

    All hail DD!
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    Terrible handicapping

    Sorry you lost your Christmas money on Washington. Go get ‘em tomorrow champ.
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    I never play teasers. But. . .

    Yeah, thanks. Just realized my math was off. I’ll cross that bridge when I get there and worry about hitting today’s legs first.
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    I never play teasers. But. . .

    Can’t see Chicago or Baltimore losing outright or winning by less than 3 today. So: 3 team, 7 point teaser Chicago -1 Baltimore -2.5 Buffalo PK $500 to win $700 If the first two legs come in, I intend to play New England ML (currently +260) for $200, and guarantee a $500 win either way.
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    New Mexico Bowl

    Nailed it. Nice work

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