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    Tigers and Twins to see some runs

    How did you get your panties in a wad over that comment. I followed that bet and was on same side as shooter. Never an asshole but I am honest? if that offends you then it’s a bonus for me.
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    Tigers and Twins to see some runs

    Must be coming in the 9th inning 😞
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    Tuesday bases

    Vegas adjust too much today the unders that came in April?
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    I know a guy that bets every over in MLB on Sundays. Does pretty well.
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    Sunday plays

    Also, Mets play in 20 mins
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    Sunday plays

    Wow. Glad you made it. Hope wear there ass out in court! Speedy recovery.
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    Friday MLB

    A lot of hits and runs happening. Wind can’t overcome shitty pitching it looks like
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    Friday MLB

    7 runs in first 5. Biggest wager? Hope it hits for you.
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    Monday Bases

    Brewers have got me twice already this year. Going low there
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    4/2 CBB Madness 135-95 ytd

    Self will get out-coached.
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    4/2 CBB Madness 135-95 ytd

    You’ve been doing great!
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    3/27 CBB Madness 116-82 ytd

    Great call
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    Jayhawks may win by 15+ wow!
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    3/26 CBB Madness 109-74 ytd

    Riding the dogs I see
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    Personal play on

    I was trying to put the reverse mojo on it. Didn’t work.

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